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2006 Summit Racing Series Finals information


 2006 Summit Racing Series Finals Racer's Information

Heartland Park Topeka - September 14 - 17, 2006

Contestant Eligibility

Contestants representing a track must be a member of their representing tracks season points program during the current season.  All contestants must have competed in at least one (1) event at their team track in the 2006 season.  Additionally, all contestants must have signed up for their team track’s points program, and be listed on the official team roster.


A Contestant may be entered in two separate eliminators as long as they have two separate vehicles.  One car can not be used in more than one eliminator.


A contestant must represent only ONE (1) team.  They can not run one vehicle in one class for one team and run another vehicle in another class for a second team.

Schedule of Events




Thursday, September 14

Parking – 12:00pm 

Registration - 2:00pm until 6:00pm


Friday, September 15

Gates Open – 7:00am

Registration – 8:00am – 6:00pm

Time Trials – 9:00am

There will be a gambler’s race if time permits


Saturday, September 16

Registration – 8:00am – 6:00pm

Time Trials – 9:00am

Team Pictures – throughout day

Race of Champions – approximately 1:00pm

Cook-Out – approximately 6:30pm

There will be a gambler’s race if time permits


Sunday, September 17

Eliminations – 9:00am


Entry Fees

Event Car and Driver - $65

Three-Day Pit Pass - $35

Two-Day Pit Pass - $30

Sunday only Pit Pass - $15

High School Car and Driver - $30


E.T. Classes and Breaks

Super Pro                     7.00 – 12.00

Pro E.T.                       7.00 – 13.00

Sportsman                    13.00 and slower

Pro Bike                       7.50 – 14.00

Highschool                   10.99 and slower


Race of Champions

There will be two (2) Race of Champions at the E.T. Finals (1 Car and 1 Bike).  For a track to participate in the Race of Champions, they must have at least 5 participants at the event.  Each track’s representative will be their top points finisher in the NHRA E.T. Series.  Payout will be:


                        CAR CHAMPION                                          BIKE CHAMPION

$600    Winner (plus Champions jacket)                       $300    Winner (plus Champions jacket)

$300    Runner-up                                                        $150    Runner-Up

$150    Semi-Finalist

$100    Quarter Finalist

$50      Eighth Finalist


2006 Payout

Categories                    Super Pro         Pro E.T.           Sportsman        Pro Bike

Winner                         $3,000             $3,000             $1,000             $750**

Runner-Up                     1,500               1,000                  500                  500

Semi-Finalist                      500                  300                  200                  200

Quarter-Finalist                  200                  125                  125                  125

**There will be a  $250 bonus to the Pro Bike Champion if a 40-Bike field is achieved.

***High School champion receives a $1000 Scholarship at the 2006 West Central Division awards ceremony.


Beginning with third round losers to quarter finalist, $25.00 round money will be paid in all categories.  At quarter finalist, the purse above takes over and no round money will be paid.



AN NHRA MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED AT ALL NHRA SANCTIONED EVENTS – You must be an NHRA member to run at the E.T. Finals.  If you are going to participate in this year’s E.T. Finals and you’re not a member, you may pay for your membership when you are teched at your home track.  Membership for one year is $64.00.  The benefits for being a member are 48 issues of the National Dragster, NHRA decal and $485,000 worth of catastrophic insurance if you are injured at an NHRA sanctioned event.  Application for NHRA membership AT THE EVENT will result in a $10 surcharge.  Please come fully prepared.


NHRA E.T. PERMANENT NUMBERS ARE MANDATORY TO RUN AT THE E.T. FINALS – NHRA permanent numbers must be painted or decaled on your vehicle in a contrasting color to the vehicle’s background color, or light color on windows.  Check your NHRA Rule Book for location and size.  All PRO BIKE ET contestants must have number plates and dial-in plates on both sides of their bike.  You must have an NHRA Competition number or License to run at the E.T. Finals.  You may apply for your competition number when you are teched at your home track.  Application for NHRA Competition Numbers AT THE EVENT will result in a $10 surcharge.  Please come fully prepared.


NHRA COMPETITION DRIVERS/RIDERS LICENSE is required whenever you run quicker than 9.99 in the quarter mile (4.50 to 6.39 1/8 mile), no matter what kind of car or motorcycle you drive/ride.  For license information, contact the Division Office at (816) 795-8055 or your local track manager.  If you need to apply for NHRA license, you should submit your physical, application and test runs, along with appropriate fees, to the division office prior to the event.  Application for NHRA Competition License AT THE EVENT will result in a $10 surcharge.  Please come fully prepared.


YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 16 YEARS OF AGE TO RACE ANY VEHICLE IN NHRA DRAG RACING (Junior Dragsters are the exception) and have a valid State Drivers License.  If you are age 16 to 18, you must have a signed WAIVER from your parents before any NHRA Member Track can let you race.  If you need one of these forms prior to attending the E.T. Finals, contact your local Track or call the Division Office at (816) 795-8055.  Have both parents sign the form and bring it to the E.T. Finals with you.



The High School Bracket will be open to any High School student that currently holds a valid state driver's license and is currently enrolled in or has graduated from High School the previous spring semester preceding the current NHRA Summit Racing Series E.T. Finals.  High School competitor's will not be allowed to enter any other eliminator.  High School Competitors will need to have a permanent NHRA number and a valid NHRA membership or associate membership.  This class will be a FOOT BRAKE ONLY CLASS and NO ELECTRONICS will be allowed.  High School round wins will count for points in the Team Championship.


The champion of the High School Bracket will receive a $1000 Scholarship.  The purpose of the "Dan Vehige Memorail ET Finals Scholarship" is to acknowledge the achievement of the recipient and to provide an incentive to continue their education.  An award of $1000 will be granted upon graduation of high school and upon acceptance/enrollment to an accredited 2- or 4-year college or vocational-technical trade school.


All class winners (Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, and Pro Bike) go to Pomona!

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