2012 Division 5 Pit Vehicle Registration Program
Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The NHRA West Central Division has chosen to continue the pit vehicle registration program initiated in 2011.  The serialized pit vehicle decals will be accepted at all NHRA Member Tracks throughout Division 5.  Each individual will be required to register all motorized vehicles (not currently licensed through a state department of motor vehicles) with one of the division member tracks.  The Division 5 sticker will also be accepted throughout Division 4 and Division 1 (D1 also requires proof of current insurance).


If you are in need of insurance for your pit vehicle(s) please contact us for more information about a program NHRA has initiated this year.  Insurance can be provided for a $50 annual fee (Jan-Dec) you can have coverage for your pit vehicle at all NHRA Member Tracks & sanctioned events for the current season.

More information to come soon on the new insurance program.


The registration process is listed below for your understanding.  Also below is a PDF of the 2012 Registration Form. 

Pit Vehicle Registration Process:

1.       Competitor must read and complete page one of the 2012 Pit Vehicle Registration Form, accepting all of the rules and regulations set forth.

2.       Competitor keeps page two of the 2012 Pit Vehicle Registration Form, “Raceway Auxiliary Pit Vehicle Rules.”

3.       Competitor submits the completed registration form and pays the $10 registration fee to an NHRA Division 5 Member Track.

4.       Track keeps page one of the 2012 Pit Vehicle Registration Form, and issues a serialized sticker, then completes the serial number section on page one.

5.       One form must be completed for EACH vehicle being registered.  (One sticker/serial number per vehicle)


2012 NHRA Division 5 Pit Vehicle Registration Form


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